As ever, we are aiming to put together a programme that is both interesting and entertaining. For this we need your contributions and participation. Contributions are not refereed or moderated in any way; the only reason for you presenting a poster or giving a talk is that you think you have something to say that will interest your peers, be it technical (but not too technical, please), political, off-the-wall ideas you want some feedback about, funding, or just downright contentious.

Each year we aim to have a demonstration session. For this, we will provide a table andĀ invite you to bring (necessarily small) bits of hardware that actually do something. Our intention is to haveĀ 6-10 exhibits. The session will start with a series ofĀ 5-minute overview talks followed by about an hour of milling around the exhibits and asking hard questions.

If you know how would want to contribute, you can indicate this on the registration form. If you have questions about contributing, except to demonstrations, please contact Professor Andrew BrownĀ (023 8059 3374). For questions about contributing a demonstration, please contact Professor Piotr Dudek.

We ask that any slides presented during your talk are provided for inclusion on the UKDF website. These can be emailed to Dr Graeme Bragg