UKDF 2022

17th March 2022

County Hotel, Newcastle


Evening Session

  • My notable moments during Moore’s Law, Jamie Urquart

Morining Session 1

  • BitBrain and sparse binary coincidence memories, Steve Furber (Slides)
  • ARM Morello – towards the first commercial capability machine, Simon Moore (Slides)
  • FPGA security in practice: how to crash an AWS F1 FPGA instance and how to prevent that, Dirk Koch
  • Extensible secure SoC platforms, John Goodenough (Slides)

Morning Session 2

  • How digital security by design could change the world, John Goodacre (Slides)
  • Machine learning and hardware security: foes or friends?, Basel Halak
  • Remote Laboratories, Tim Drysdale (Slides)

Afternoon Session 1

  • Challenges and advantages of embedded genomics, Sidarth Maheshwari (Slides)
  • An introduction to Tsetlin machines: a logic based alternative approach to machine learning, Tousif Rahman
  • IPV6 in UK academia, Graeme Bragg (Slides)

Afternoon session 2: Demonstrations

  • CANDO brain implant, Patrick Degenaar
  • Workcraft, Victor Khomenko (Slides)