UKDF 2015

19th March 2015

Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester

  • Evening Session
    • How to make 100 million a day, Rob Akers
  • Morining Session 1
    • Keynote: Toward affordable exascale computing using chiplets, John Goodacre
    • Reliability issues of low power design, Daniele Rossi
  • Morning Session 2
    • Continuous online adaptation in many-core systems, Gianluca Tempesti
    • PAnDA and its chips, Martin Trefzer
    • The exploitation of science, Ian Phillips
    • Bringing neurally inspired electronics and neuroscience closer together, Leslie S. Smith
  • Afternoon Session 1
    • Beyond the PDPA, Simon Moore
    • POETS, Andrew Brown
  • Afternoon session 2
    • Bio-design automation, Vasileios Tenentes
    • The tweeting FPGA, David Thomas