UKDF 2024

22nd March 2024

The National Museum of Comuting, Bletchley Park


Evening Session

  • EDSAC – reconstructing the world’s first practical electronic computer, Andrew Herbert (Slides)

Morining Session 1

  • Keynote: Native-flexible non-silicon chips at large, Emre Ozer (Slides)
  • Towards the second wave of commercial capability machines, Simon Moore (Slides)
  • Hunting down corner-case bugs in RISC processors using formal verification, Ashish Darbari

Morning Session 2

  • Research to Design, Ian Philips (Slides)
  • Learning Chaos, Mark Vousden (Slides)
  • Nervous Systems, Martin Trefzer
  • Reservoir computing on a field programmable analogue array, Alex McDonnell

Afternoon Session

  • Brains, minds, and AI, Steve Furber (Slides)
  • From POETS to SONNETS, Graeme Bragg (Slides)
  • UK semiconductor strategy update …. open source design tools…. A Call to Action, John Goodenough