UK Design Forum

UKDF 2018

Registration Information

If you wish to contribute, or just attend, please complete the registration form and return it to the address on the form by Monday 7th May 2018. The options for attending are (most people attend for the full 24-hours):

  • Complete 24-hour package - dinner, accommodation and day with lunch. (£200)
  • Non-accommodation package - dinner and day with lunch. (£125)
  • Day package - day with lunch. (£95)

If opting for the complete 24-hour package, please do not book your own accommodation with Chancellors; we will do this for you.

Note that

  • The bar is still free.
  • The prices have not risen for nine years now.


As a not-for-profit organisation that operates on a year-on-year "money in" approximately equals "money out" basis, UKDF does not have deep pockets. Since we have to settle the Chancellors bill quite soon after the event, we require you to make your registration payments before the workshop. If we have not received your payment by Monday 8th May, we will not book any accommodation for you.

Payment options:

  • We'd much rather you simply sent us a cheque.
  • Invoices will be provided on request, as usual.
  • We request that these are paid in advance (as usual).
  • If you want to pay by BACS, that's fine, the account is details are on registration form. Please send a payment advice to the address on the registration form.

If you - or more usually, your University - pay by BACS, and do not send or attach an explicit payment advice, we have no way of knowing where the money comes from, and this usually - as some of you know well - involves us chasing you and you chasing your finance folk and them complaining that they've paid but didn't tell anyone and eventually - usually - we get it all sorted out BUT life would be so much simpler if you - or your University - would send a payment advice with a reference number on it, so the numbers that appear on the bank statements can be married up to whoever attends.......